The Lady Vegas International 40+ Beauty Pageant is proudly produced by Entertainmentfirst
for the Sophisticated Women of the World – Empowering Women and their Success!

Become a Lady Vegas Contestant

Become a Lady Vegas Contestant

For all Natural Born Females 40+
If you are ready for a change in your life or would just like to try something new and are ready to have some fun then join us in Las Vegas and compete in the next Lady Vegas International 40+ Beauty Pageant

Join our Winners Circle

Join our Winners Circle

Winning a Crown & Title at the Lady Vegas International 40+ Beauty Pageant is a lifetime acheivement award and one that you will keep for life. Upon winning a title you automatically enter our Winner’s Circle for life.

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship

If you would like to partner with us or simply brand your company with our Lady Vegas International Beauty Pageant please contact us regarding our Corporate Sponsorships and Advertising Opportunities.


Become a Prize Sponsor

Become a Prize Sponsor

The Lady Vegas International 40+ Beauty Pageant already has an amazing list of companies that continue to support our amazing contestants each year as Prize Sponsors, if you would like to become a Prize Sponsor and be a part of our great support team – please contact us today.

About Us

Women from around the World who are 40+ DESERVE SOME ATTENTION TOO and we would like to show you that we appreciate your strength, beauty and confidence in being YOU!!!

Calling all naturally born females – Come join us in Las Vegas to celebrate being over 40 years young while competing in our LADY VEGAS INTERNATIONAL 40+ BEAUTY PAGEANT.

We know that being healthy and having confidence contributes significantly to your overall style and well-being and we want you to be able to share your story of success in life with us live on stage at the Lady Vegas International Beauty Pageant @ The Alexis Park All Suites Resort –
Saturday 4th August, 2018.

During the Pageant Divisions and Crowning of our 3 Title Winners – RUBY, SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND LADY VEGAS INTERNATIONAL, all contestants and their guests will enjoy live entertainment by international performing artist Ron Knight and other special guests. The night will be dedicated to “Old School” music at it’s best and we have a dance floor for your dancing pleasures.

The Lady Vegas Beauty Pageant is hosted by the 13th Annual Music and Fashion Expo Las Vegas @ The Alexis Park All Suites Resort Las Vegas – the resort sponsors our Expo with full bar and restaurant on site for your eating and drinking pleasures.

Next Lady Vegas International Beauty Pageant;
Saturday Aug 4th, 2018 start time is 7pm for Cocktail Party & Pageant.
Invite your friends to enjoy the evening with you – guest tickets just $25.00 online

Judging Categories;

1. Q&A – Intro/Opening walk, please dress in all white – casual/summer styles.
2. Casual or Costume – let’s have some fun!!
3. Formal Wear – dress or gown – you can ‘Bring the Bling’ ladies!!!

We want you to bring your own style to our Lady Vegas International 40+ Pageant –
so enjoy the styles you decide to wear and remember it’s in Vegas Baby!
* No Bikinis & No talent needed for this event.

Registration Form

Registration Form

Prize Sponsors

Anne Fontaine
Linda Bateman Gomez
Bunker Bradley Couture
Dawn Angela Mickens
Louisa Voisine Millinery
Elementz by Prerna
A Woman’s Journey in Verse
Anne Fontaine

Anne Fontaine

Special Thanks to our Prize Sponsor ANNE FONTAINE
and her Las Vegas Boutique Manager ANNA VIAN BILLINGS who is an amazing ambassador for Anne Fontaine’s Brand whilst she empowers women 40+ to believe in their dreams. many of our winners love modeling charity events that Anne Fontaine partakes in. We thank you both fo your continued support since our second year in operation.

About the International clothing designer “ANNE FONTAINE”:
Anne Fontaine opened their first boutique in the Rive Gauche section of Paris in 1994. Since the opening of the original store, Anne Fontaine has expanded to 85 boutiques worldwide.

Fontaine has been the recipient of several awards, including the French National Order of Merit  and received the award of l’élan de Mode in 2006 (French Federation of Fashion)

In 2011, Fontaine created the New York-based Anne Fontaine Foundation, to support the protection of endangered forests and promote reforestation. The Foundation’s projects are focused on the Brazilian Atlantic forest, also known as the Mata Atlântica.

Linda Bateman Gomez

Linda Bateman Gomez

Special thanks to Linda Bateman-Gomez for her wonderful product gifts to all our Lady Vegas Contestants.

I am a wife of 33 years, mother of six wonderful children, and grandmother of two very active little girls.  Like many of you, I juggle many activities and I am always short on time.

In my 20’s, I had lots of time to worry about “me”.  All my body parts were where they should be, nothing sagged or wrinkled and even my hair was a nice brown color. Those were the days.
Looking back at my 20’s, I don’t know how I needed so much time to get ready!

As I hit 50 I noticed lots of little changes, nothing major, but they were beginning.  And over the past eight years things have continued!  Gray hair, wrinkles showing up overnight…and are those sun spots? (All those years of baking in the sun covered in baby oil and iodine, perhaps?)  And what happened to my arms and neck?  Welcome to the beginning of the “Golden Years”.

Nowadays, like most women, “me” time is hard to come by and my beauty routine requires far more than just make-up and curlers.

However, with a busy family life, spending lots of time in the mirror is not something I care to do.  I want to keep it simple, easy, inexpensive, and free of medical procedures.  So, I decided to start trying things to improve my looks, in little ways.  One of the biggest issues I noticed in my late 40’s was thinner lips.  (Where do our lips go?  I have no idea, but they really do seem to disappear!)

I tried lots of lip plumper gels and liked quite a few, but they really didn’t give me a good lip line.  The older I got the more of a problem this became.  So I started experimenting with things to fill out my lips.  Before long I realized that with suction I could plump them up temporarily.  The problem was finding something that fit and that would allow me to focus on specific areas.  After trying to find this on the market with no success, I set out to make fullips.  I tried all sizes and shapes, and after much trial and error, I narrowed it down to three that work best.

I started using the prototypes daily, experimenting with different options to enhance the lip line.  Before long my 20 year old daughter asked if she could have one, and it quickly became part of her daily routine too.  I shared them with other interested friends and family, and so fullips was born.

Getting these to market has been quite the learning experience and long journey.  fullips is now a fully patented product, and I hope they can be a useful tool in the makeup bags of many.  While this started as a product to help older women such as me, I hope those of all ages will find fullips useful.  Please check out the rest of our website to find the right fullips model for you.  (You can find lots of great photos and videos on our Instagram, and YouTube Channel!)




Bunker Bradley Couture

Bunker Bradley Couture

Special Thanks to Fashion Designer BUNKER BRADLEY & his amazing wife
 – CEO of Bunker Bradley Couture, X-Studio Las Vegas &
Professional Photographer for Bunker Bradley Couture.

Roselyn will be awarding our 3 Lady Vegas Title Winners a Photo Shoot wearing a Bunker Bradley Couture – Dresses, Palazzo Pants and Swing Coats designed by Bunker Bradley.

Each Winner will receive their best 2 pictures via email from Roselyn Poon. Your picture will be retouched only if necessary and the Bunker Bradley Couture logo will be added for your keep sake (momento) of being our winners for 2017.
(photos will be high res. 300dpi – 8″x10″).
Winners may be featured on the Bunker Bradley Couture website and Facebook page.

This Prize Package is valued at $1,000 per winner

See below some amazing photos taken by Roselyn Poon
for Bunker Bradley Couture.

Dawn Angela Mickens

Dawn Angela Mickens

Special Thanks to DAWN ANGELA MICKENS – Author of Timless Rebel.

Since Winning the 2015 DIAMOND LADY VEGAS TITLE – Dawn has been an inspiration to all ladies that join our pageant and as agift to our top winners she shares her story through gifting new winners her book, to be inspired and inspire others.

About Timeless Rebel:

Have you ever asked the questions, “who am I?, where am I?,” “what am I?”
In her book Dawn Angela Mickens takes you on a journey of discovery. A discovery of self!
Finding herself unemployed after a successful 20 year career in the real estate industry she was upset and frustrated. She had absolutely no sense of “Dawn Angela.” She’d lost her identity!
There had to be a transformation. It is the result of the self-discovery that prompted Dawn Angela to pursue modeling and then author of the book:
Timeless Rebel: Empowered to Pursue the Dreams Within.

By defying time, she became “Timeless” and by rejecting society expectations, she became a “Rebel.” Whether you are in a place of uncertainty, panic-stricken or a richly satisfied woman, this book is for you! No matter who you are or where you may find yourself in life, it is never too late to pursue a dream. In this book it’s my sole desire to: Empower – Motivate- Encourage – Inspire




Special thanks to our Prize Sponsor ECCOCI BOCA PARK and store manager JANICE WILSON.
Janice Wilson gives all our Lady Vegas Contestants discount vouchers for Eccoci Boutique in Boca Park Las Vegas. PLUS Gift Certificates to our Top 3 Winners.

Louisa Voisine Millinery

Louisa Voisine Millinery

Special Thanks to our sponsor LOUISA VOISINE and her amazing millinery/hat designs.
Our top 3 Prize Winners each year in the Lady Vegas International 40+ Beauty Pageant are presented with original one-of-a-kind designer hats.

I love my career as a designer of  chapeaus.  I am very passionate about glorious chapeaus.  Ribbons, flowers, crystals, and more ribbons, flowers and crystals!
Each chapeau  has a piece of my heart in the design.  I start with visualizing how the next chapeau will frame a woman’s face perfectly and bring out her personality.  As I begin the design process, my ideas grow from the very first creative touch into glorious creations.
Some whisper softly “Adorn me” while others boldly state “I want to lead the Easter Parade” or “Get me to the derby on time!”
The true beauty of a chapeau is not if they are a fashion trend, it is found in the woman who crowns herself.  Every woman has the ability to wear a chapeau, they just have to find the right style and fit.  I love creating beauty and bringing out the beautiful woman you are by crowning you with the perfect chapeau.
Our hats on to you and we look forward to being your partner in framing your face beautifully!
-Louisa Voisine
Elementz by Prerna

Elementz by Prerna

Special Thanks to our Prize Sponsor PRERNA NANDA designer/owner of ELEMENTZ BY PRERNA.
Our Top 3 Lady Vegas International Winners are gifted with amazing jewelry by Elementz by Prerna.

About Elementz by Prerna:
Elementz by Prerna is a brand that was founded by Prerna Nanda in the year 2015.
Prerna brings along ethnicity that has a history in beauty and fashion, which allows her to bring on the heritage of fine jewelry as she creates her various pieces. She has collaborated to create jewelry which is both a fashion statement and maintains luxury.

Prerna has a passion in art and designing. Fascination for exquisite, hand crafted jewelry with precious stones artistically set in metal, has inspired herto design and create unique yet affordable pieces which can beadorned by all, truly making a statement at every occasion. A young mother of two beautiful boys who makes her life very dynamic and fun while working relentlessly to satisfy the needs of her evolving clientele.

A Woman’s Journey in Verse

A Woman’s Journey in Verse

Special thanks to Sponsor & Author LARAINE PATRICIA BUNT:
A Woman’s Journey in Verse: Thoughts, Inspirations and Revelations!
A Special Gift to our Top 3 Winners at the Lady Vegas International 40+ Beauty Pageant.
About the book:

This book of poems is a personal journey written from daily reflections and looking back through the pages of my life, by putting pen to paper I have been able to deal with the pain and heartache from incidents out of my control, the beauty that surrounds me that is God created and the utmost joy and pleasure that is part of my life as I learn, grow and develop into a person I can be proud of. I wish to thank the encouragement from my daughter Kimberley who has collaborated with me in putting this book together, my husband Colin who has lovingly allowed me to use him as a sounding board and last but not least David whose insatiable thirst for prose pushed me into putting it all out there for others to read. If it inspires just one other women to search her being and find the courage to put pen to paper and take the journey within and let her spirit soar and lay to rest her pain and share her joy then my job is done.